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Public Exhibition

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Every Year, Project Happy Apples hosts an annual exhibition in conjunction with local players in the palliative health scene.

Our event includes partner booths by Singapore Hospice Council, Singapore Cancer Society and family law firms - participants can look forward to talks by board members, the project's alumni and family lawyers on how to start planning for end-of-life care early.

Through various interactive booths and game stations, we aim to educate the general public on palliative care and early planning. Concepts like Advanced Care Planning (ACP), Advanced Medical Directives (AMD) and Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) are broken down into layman terms, and made more accessible to participants through on-site signups.

End of life decisions should not be made at the end of life.

Three Years, One Community

We stay in each community for a total of three years, as part of our three step approach to inciting change:

  1. Educate: A wide net is cast to enrapture as large of an audience as possible, thus raising basic awareness of palliative care.

  2. Empower: In depth education on the topic dispels myths and misconceptions, while follow-up efforts encourage participants to start conversations on death after the exhibition.

  3. Enable: Resources for starting care plans are brought on site, allowing participants to get involved or linked up immediately.

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