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Race Against Cancer

In 2013, PHA started with a group of students selling apples for a dollar apiece to raise funds for the Bright Vision Hospital Palliative Care Ward. Bringing attention to an oft-overlooked piece of the healthcare puzzle, all while producing a real, direct impact on the standard of palliative care in Singapore - it was no wonder our founders embarked on fundraising as a core initiative. 

In 2022, after 10 years of engaging M1 and M2 medical students in first-hand befriending sessions with over 100 palliative care patients - providing an indelible, lasting impression that has indubitably played a part in shaping our new generation of doctors, PHA has finally brought back Fundraising as a key initiative.

On the 17th of September, on a rainy Saturday afternoon, 7 of our very own medical students - Claire Chan, Eric Jin, Nicole Chew, Oliver Lim, Joel Ting, Wan Hsien and Zhi Yu - assembled at a start line in at East Coast Park. Surrounding them were dozens of other runners tentatively eyeing the grey clouds brewing above, but nevertheless determined to bring the painstakingly organised run to fruition. This wasn’t simply a run for leisure - rather, every single man and woman on that start line championed a cause inextricably linked to PHA’s existence. 

Since our inception, PHA has strived to draw public attention to palliative care, and arm medical students with indispensable knowledge and expertise in tackling the issue of palliative care as our new generation of doctors, all with a goal of enriching palliative care in Singapore. Race Against Cancer 2022 draws runners from all walks of life, and collects funds, which amongst other things, goes to underpinning hospice care programmes and palliative care services in Singapore.

And so, our 7 runners took off, their hastily clad ponchos crinkling and rustling, braving the rain for 5 kilometres. 

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While it was tough going, it was all smiles as they edged past the finish line, soaked to the bone. It marked the start of another chapter of PHA. Weeks of recruitment, carefully construed messages, and drumming up of support had finally culminated in our first successful event in our Fundraising program! The $574 that our peers had entrusted us and the efforts of our runners in the face of adversity has sown a seed, that we, as an organisation hope to develop into something greater. 

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What’s next for the Fundraising Programme?
PHA is coming to NUS! We hope to organise a student-led event and sell some merch that you all will surely be itching to get your hands on. Keeps your eyes peeled on the announcement chat for an opportunity to learn more about palliative care, meet the people who keep the lights on at PHA, and directly support palliative care, all while getting some dope merch.

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